KOP KILLER 22XX features fast-paced, bloody action platformer with a retro aesthetic and beat'em up elements. Climb, mantle, and leap from walls to outflank KAPITAL Operatives, and gain upgrades to expand your move-set. AI enemies hunt you through grim 23rd century environs as you recruit a team of comrades to take down KAPITAL.

Developed in collaboration with Morningstar Game Studio, creator of A Robot Named Fight and co-creator of C.A.R.L..


Founded in 2020, Dr. Shameless Cat Games is an independent game studio based in France, consisting of one person: Dr. Shameless Cat (me!). I have roots spread throughout the country, continent, and world. I am passionate about crafting memorable gaming experiences. I started my journey in the industry by collaborating with Morningstar Game Studio on my first project, KOP KILLER 22XX.

I strive to offer unique gaming experiences that blend the best aspects of retro-games with modern gameplay mechanics. My primary inspirations are games from my childhood and modern indie classics. I hope that players will enjoy my games as much as I love making them.

Contact & Socials


If you have any questions, business inquiries, or simply want to get in touch, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to hear from you and I hope you enjoy my games.

You can reach me through my social media channels or via email at: